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Barcelona get more than Liverpool despite not getting the Champions League

Barcelona get more than Liverpool despite not getting the Champions League

Liverpool earns 111 million euros from the Champions League. Liverpool has won the Champions League after an era. The team that wins the mind with great offensive football is currently considered the best in Europe. Liverpool, who has written a great comeback story without two key players after losing 3-1 at Barcelona, ​​have lost the mark. Interestingly, Liverpool could not beat Barcelona in the matter of being a champion. Barcelona made the most revenue from the UEFA tournament last season.

It is reported how much money a team has earned from the Champions League. It turns out Barcelona, ​​which was relegated from the semifinals, earn 3 million euros. And champion Liverpool received 5 million euros. Tottenham Hotspur is third in the finals. The English club, which reached the Champions League final for the first time, has a revenue of 3 million.

There are several ways to earn from the Champions League. Clubs get a certain amount of money to participate in group events. Each match adds some more money depending on the win, loss, and defeat. And if the group crosses the season, extra money is added for each episode. Thus, in the end, the champion team is the most money in the alliance. But UEFA gives clubs more money. These are the TV entities (those who have a keen interest in playing TV), the historical achievements (most recently the club’s achievement in Europe) and the position of the country (the status of another club in a particular country in that season of the Champions League).

With all of this, Barcelona has surpassed Liverpool. For example, Barcelona received 5 million euros in terms of historical achievement, while Liverpool received 20 million euros. Liverpool has not done well in the past, despite being in the Champions League final last season. On the other hand, Barcelona has played at least the quarter-finals each time since winning the Twenty20. In addition, four English clubs made it to the quarter-finals. And Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have come to Barcelona for the last sixteen.

The failure of other Italian teams has boosted Juventus’ income. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team received 5 million euros. Manchester United and Manchester City are in equilibrium (3 million). Real Madrid’s revenue dropped from the last sixteen (3 million). At the same time, Atletico and PSG’s revenues also fell. Bayern Munich’s income is lower than theirs (42). TV ownership has contributed to the loss of the German champions. And that is why the semifinals rise from the income of the 12th Ajax. The Dutch club also received a fantastic one-season gift of just 5 million euros.

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