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Barcelona is about to return home Dani Olmo

Barcelona is about to return home Dani Olmo

Barcelona is seeking Spanish midfielder Danny Almo’s squad for the Croatian squad Dynamo Zagreb this winter. The Alamo once played at Barcelona’s famous ‘La Masia’ Academy
In the last few years, Barcelona has not had much to spend behind the invasion. But success has been small compared to that.

In the four years that Barsa has come under attack, stars like Tatuan Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele, Paco Alsace, Philip Coutinho, Malcolm, Kevin-Prince Boateng. No one was able to shine like that. But the money was spent behind them. In the meantime, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez saved Barcelona in most matches. Barcelona has extended their hand to a former player, despite seeing their own failure in buying other teams in the squad market at a higher price.

His name is Dani Almo. The nationality is Spanish. He also has experience playing as an offensive midfielder, right or left-winger. Dani Olmo joined Barcelona’s famous academy La Masia from the city rival Espanyol’s academy on May 25. After seven years of playing in Barcelona, ​​when he saw Messi, Neymar, and Suarez not having much chance of playing in the mainstream, they decided to leave the club. Almo joined Croatian club Dynamo Zagreb in the 21st.

Almo was selected as the best player in the Croatian league in the 21st. In the same year, the Italian magazine Tuttosporte placed Almo on the list of best young footballers by PSG French striker Kilian Mbappe. Almo won the under-20 Euro for Spain this year. This season, they have shed light on Champions League group action, scoring goals against Manchester City.

And the star has come under the light of footprint. Clubs like Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid have lined up to get Almo in the squad. However, Barcelona is a little ahead of Elmo’s power. In the meantime, Almo himself has said that Barcelona is trying to get him, “Barcelona wants to get me back again, this is very good news for me. Having spent six years in La Masia, they have given me important decisions about life.

The Euro is the year ahead, and Elmo is looking forward to playing for Spain in the Euro. But Spain may not be in the squad if they play in an unnamed place like the Croatian League. That’s why Elmo is so keen to leave Dynamo and move to Barcelona, ​​’If I play in the Croatian league for the next six months, it will be difficult for me to get a chance at the Euro. I want to play in more advanced places, be a better footballer. It’s not like I don’t get these opportunities in Dynamo, but I need to take the next step to improve my career. ”

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