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The More You Donate, The More You Get: 3 Biggest Voluntary Projects in 2020


The world is in dire need of help in countless ways. From poverty to climate change, there are many issues that require immediate attention. As an individual, your resources might be limited. That is why many organizations have taken the initiative to set up programs that can welcome volunteers on board. 

Volunteering presents a kaleidoscope of opportunities for students. Not only can they contribute to the betterness of the world, but the young minds will also learn plenty along the way. Such activities influence one’s perspective, widen knowledge horizons, and inspire you every step of the way. 

Moreover, it can also shape up your personality and contribute to one’s personal growth tremendously. In a 2018 study released by BMC Public Health, it was observed that volunteerism has a significant positive effect on physical and mental health, social well-being, and life satisfaction. It has also helped many fight the battle of depression and be helpful to others while doing it. 

For those who are hoping to take a step in this direction, here are the best programs to invest yourself in 2020. 

Climate Change Volunteer Programs

Out of all the numerous issues, climate change might be the most compelling one in 2020. It endangers every single being on Earth. And the opportunities to save the planet from this almost irrevocable damage are getting fewer as you read. 

If you are a student and feel that you need some help with academics to devote more to volunteering, don’t hesitate to get assistance from a professional essay writing service like EssayService. This will help you find time for volunteering work in extracurriculars and make a real difference in society. 

If you are planning for a Gap Year, then venturing out to Brazil, Australia, or Canada on a volunteer program would be a great idea. 

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the rising temperature in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the glacier melting in northern parts of Canada are the most pressing issues. Students are always welcome to help teams monitor the levels and create awareness about these changes. 

Many famous organizations, such as GoEco has many programs encouraging students and adults to go to various countries to help cope with the effects of climate change. Conservation projects are also available worldwide from Asia to Iceland on Working Abroad

Teaching Abroad Volunteer Programs

There is nothing better and nobler than imparting knowledge to the underprivileged. Many countries in the world are in high demand for a quality education system. The lack of infrastructure, school facilities, and teachers makes learning a dream for many children. 

Organizations such as GVI run teaching programs in different countries in Asia and Africa. You can work with the monks in Laos or teach English in other Costa Rica or Thailand. The programs aim at providing long-term and sustainable solutions for teaching projects, and it is achieved with the help of volunteers. 

Volunteering Solutions’ Street Children Volunteer Program in Delhi, India, is yet another notable project that engages individuals with the disadvantaged children of India, providing them with basic supplies and teaching. 

Volunteers will also be working closely with the local administration to help improve the overall quality of the system. Needless to say, such trips to the developing countries of the world would alter your outlook on living conditions.

Medical Volunteering Programs

Every year, health care professionals from America alone donate billions of hours of service. Public health is a matter of grave concern in many developing countries. Medical aides are also high in demand, seeking not only medical professionals but also students who can help to make the process a smooth one. 

Effective practices on International Volunteering for Health suggest that it is most effective when highly-skilled professionals work for the short term. However, this also depends on the individual’s ability to speak the local language. 

The scope of enlisting in health care is high in demand for students as well. This does not only pertain to medical treatments. For instance, nutritionists are also in high demand.

Volunteers also conduct seminars and workshops for rural communities to enlighten them on the importance of balanced diets. 

Public Health Nutrition Volunteer in the Philippines is one such example. It is a successful program aiming to provide a supplementary program for malnourished infants in the country. Such programs are also present in many African and South American countries, including Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and many more. 

As far as health is concerned, many countries are also entertaining volunteers to take a digital detox approach and take part in wellness activities such as yoga to promote a better health image.

Students now have endless possibilities to visit different destinations of the world, to explore, learn, and help the host country. All that is left is for you to take the first step and inspire others along the way.

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