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Chelsea could have died at the hands of a Chelsea player

Chelsea could have died at the hands of a Chelsea player

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich could have died three years ago in a car accident. Former Chelsea star Pat Nevin was involved in the accident. When you come to the field and watch this Chelsea game, you are flying a couple of hours later in Russia to attend an official meeting.

Such is the busy Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Another identity is his – Chelsea’s owner. It would have been three years before the end of his busy life. Whether he is in the hands of a former Chelsea player! Nevin was shocked to see that the man he nearly knocked off the bike was none other than the famous Chelsea owner – who still isn’t aware that his brush with death involved a former Blues player.

The former Chelsea player is Pat Nevin. Growing up in Glasgow, Scottish Nevin has played at Chelsea from 1 to 5 But the event is much more recent, in the 21st. For the summer vacation, Nevin was in the Isle of Arran, Scotland. This is his favorite place to vacation.

And when you get there, you can’t take the whole area without taking a car. So when turning on the road, Nevin’s car hit a bike rider. He fell off the bike. When Nevin got out of the car, he saw no one else – Abramovich! A little more and more would have died!

More than three years ago, the 9-year-old Nevin told BBC Radio Scotland yesterday: ‘I could have died the man. And that guy was Roman Abramovich. ‘ The Scottish winger was on a trip to his home country and was driving around the Isle of Arran when he nearly hit a cyclist while turning a corner.

At the time, he was out for a vacation with Roman Abramovich. Anchored off the coast of Isle, he came out of the paradise to go cycling. When the accident happened, it was the headline of the international media. Nevin joked about it, ‘If I died Abramovich, what a story it wouldn’t have been!’

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