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Copa America

Copa America 2021 Match, Fixture & Schedule Live Streaming Details

Copa America 2021

South American Football Tournament of Copa America 47th Edition. It is scheduled to kick off from 13 June 2021 with the opening match. While Final Match of 2021 on 10 July. Argentina & Colombia is hosting the Current Edition of the 2021 Copa America football tournament. So, the entire footballer fans eagerly waiting for the Copa America United State Time Fixtures & Schedule 2021. So, we are happily telling you that in this post we are uploading Copa America Match Schedule 2021. If you want this schedule then read the full article & enjoy it.

What is Copa America Football Tournament?

Copa America is a competition for South American national teams and is organized by the governing body, CONMEBOL. This summer’s tournament is the 47th in history, continuing its streak as the oldest continental soccer tournament. The tournament typically features 12 teams, including the ten South American countries plus two non-South American countries. CONMEBOL announced that, starting in 2020.

Copa America will be held every four years to be in sync with UEFA’s championship, the Euros. The tournament has been conducted outside of South America just once. When the U.S. hosted a special edition called Copa America Centenario that featured 16 teams.

Copa America 2021 Venues

This year’s Copa America matches will be played in nine different stadiums in Argentina and Colombia. Argentina is the host team of group A and Colombia is the host of group B. The Venues of Copa America 2021 are listed below.

Copa America 2021 Cities and Stadiums

City Country Venue Capacity
Buenos Aires Argentina Estadio Monumental 66,269
Córdoba Argentina Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes 57,000
Mendoza Argentina Estadio Malvinas Argentinas 38,500
Santiago del Estero Argentina Esadio Único 30,000
Barranquilla Colombia Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez 46,692
Bogotá Colombia Estadio El Campín 36,343
Cali Colombia Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero 46,000
Medellín Colombia Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex 44,739

Copa America 2021 Groups List

There are twelve teams participating in the 2021 edition of Copa America 2021 Team’s Group is shared below. All the teams and groups are listed here one by one. The Copa America 2021 Group list is here below.

Group Team Group Team
A Argentina B Colombia
A Paraguay B Brazil
A Bolivia B Peru
A Uruguay B Venezuela
A Chile B Ecuador


Match 1: Argentina vs Chile

Match 2: Paraguay vs Bolivia

Match 3: Brazil vs Venezuela

Match 4: Colombia vs Ecuador

Match 5: Chile vs Bolivia

Match 6: Argentina vs Uruguay

Match 7: Colombia vs Venezuela

Match 8: Peru vs Brazil

Match 9: Uruguay vs Chile

Match 10: Argentina vs Paraguay

Match 11: Venezuela vs Ecuador

Match 12: Colombia vs Peru

Match 13: Bolivia vs Uruguay

Match 14: Chile vs Paraguay

Match 15: Ecuador vs Peru

Match 16: Colombia vs Brazil

Match 17: Argentina vs Bolivia

Match 18: Uruguay vs Paraguay

Match 19: Ecuador vs Brazil

Match 20: Venezuela vs Peru

Match and Schedule Live Stream

Group A – South Zone

Matchday 1

13/06 – 5 PM (ET) Argentina vs Chile – Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires
13/06 – 9 PM (ET) Paraguay vs. Bolivia – Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza

Matchday 2

17/06 – 5 PM (ET) Chile vs. Bolivia – Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza
17/06 – 8 PM (ET) Argentina vs. Uruguay – Estadio Mario Kempes, Córdoba

Matchday 3

20/06 – 4 PM (ET) Uruguay vs. Chile – Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza
20/06 – 7 PM (ET) Argentina vs. Paraguay – Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires

Matchday 4

23/06 – 5 PM (ET) – Bolivia vs. Uruguay – Estadio Mario Kempes, Córdoba
23/06 – 8 PM (ET) – Chile vs. Paraguay – Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades, Santiago del Estero

Matchday 5

27/06 – 5 PM (ET) Bolivia vs. Argentina – Estadio Unico, La Plata
27/06 – 5 PM (ET) Uruguay vs. Paraguay – Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades, Santiago del Estero

Group B – North Zone

Matchday 1

14/06 – 5 PM (ET) – Brazil vs. Venezuela – Estadio Atanasio Girardot, Medellín
14/06 – 8 PM (ET) Colombia vs. Ecuador – Estadio Metropolitano, Barranquilla

Matchday 2

18/06 – 5 PM (ET) Colombia vs. Venezuela – Estadio Atanasio Girardot, Medellín
18/06 – 7 PM (ET) Peru vs. Brazil – Estadio Pascual Guerrero, Cali

Matchday 3

21/06 – 4 PM (ET) – Venezuela vs. Ecuador – Estadio El Campín, Bogotá
21/06 – 7 PM (ET) – Colombia vs. Peru – Estadio Pascual Guerrero, Cali

Matchday 4

24/06 – 4 PM (ET) – Ecuador vs. Peru – Estadio Pascual Guerrero, Cali
24/06 – 7 PM (ET) – Brazil vs. Colombia – Estadio Metropolitano, Barranquilla

Matchay 5

28/07 – 7 PM (ET) – Ecuador vs. Brazil – Estadio El Campín, Bogotá
28/07 – 7 PM (ET) – Venezuela vs. Peru – Estadio Pascual Guerrero, Cali


02/07 – 6 PM (ET) 2nd Group A vs. 3rd Group B – Estadio Mario Kempes, Córdoba
02/07 – 8 PM (ET) 1st Group A vs. 4th Group B – Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires
03/07 – 4 PM (ET) 2nd Group B vs. 3rd Group A – Estadio Pascual Guerrero, Cali
03/07 – 7 PM (ET) 1st Group B vs. 4th Group A – Estadio El Campín, Bogotá


05/07 – 7 PM (ET) – Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2 – Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires
06/07 – 7 PM (ET) – Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4 – Estadio Atanasio Girardot, Medellín

Third-place game

09/07 – 6 PM (ET) Loser SF1 vs. Loser SF2 – Estadio El Campín, Bogotá

Grand final

10/07 – 6 PM (ET) Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2 – Estadio Metropolitano, Barranquilla

Copa America 2021 Bracket and possible matchups

After the two national teams invited to the tournament withdrew to their participation, Conmebol had to make some changes to the format of the Copa America 2021.

Therefore, the ten teams taking part in this contest will be divided into two groups of five and only two sides will be eliminated at this stage. The first two will stay in the territory where they played the group stage, while the third and fourth will have to travel to the other country.

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