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Coronavirus stopped almost all sport event, however, even it can’t stop esports

Coronavirus stopped almost all sport event

Yes, big esports tournaments have definitely been temporarily postponed for an uncertain period, however, unlike football or hockey championships, they have not been canceled. Many professional sportsmen now play on their consoles and participate in fun tournaments. For example, the organizers of the «Formula 1» races organized a competition in the simulator among professional sportsmen and one of the professional football players (Fedor Smolov) stated that he plays CS:GO 12 hours every day.

However, the postponement of big tournaments does not affect esports fans so significantly because favorite teams participate in various tournaments and you can always follow their play and root for them on broadcasts or in social media.

Interesting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments

One of the tournaments, which deserves the special attention of fans of this discipline, is ESL Pro League Season 11. The tournament is carried out from March 16 to April 12, the prize pool of the tournament amounts 750.000 dollars.

24 teams participate in the tournament, they are divided into 4 groups:

Group А (Europe)

  • Astralis,
  • Team Vitality,
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas,
  • Team Spirit,
  • ENCE eSports

Group B (Europe)

  • Natus Vincere,
  • Fnatic,
  • forZe,
  • BIG,
  • Complexity Gaming,
  • North

Group С (North America)

  • 100 Thieves,
  • Evil Geniuses,
  • FURIA Esports,
  • MIBR,
  • Swole Patrol,
  • Team Liquid

Group D (Europe)

  • FaZe Clan,
  • G2 Esports,
  • OG,
  • TyLoo,
  • mousesports

All matches will be hosted in a bo3 format. The winners of groups A-B, C-D will face in an additional match, the winner of which will proceed right to the semi-final, losing teams will start their fight for the trophy from the quarterfinal stage. The teams to place 2nd-3rd will start their performance in the playoffs from the round of 12. The winner of the tournament will win not only the title of the champion but 175.000 dollars of prizes. Besides this, Pro Tour and BLAST Premier will be up for grabs at the tournament, which makes the competition in the tournament even harder.

The tournament is mandatory to be watched by all fans of the discipline. The best teams from Europe and North America take part in the tournament and it is for sure that we will see a tough battle for the victory. The teams will show their maximum gaming level at it, while there are no big tournaments, and they will aim to surprise their opponents with unstable moves and tactics.



The prize pool of the tournament amounts 1.000.000 dollars, 500 thousand of which will be taken by the winner of the tournament. The tournament is carried out from March 13 to April 19. 12 teams will be fighting for the victory, namely, 8 teams, which are co-founders of the tournament, and 4 teams, which have passed the qualifiers.

Co-founders of the tournament:

  • Cloud9,
  • C0ntact Gaming,
  • Dignitas,
  • MIBR,
  • Team Envy,
  • Gen.G Esports,
  • MAD Lions,
  • FunPlus Phoenix

Winners of the qualifiers:

  • Orgless,
  • Chaos ESC,
  • HAVU Gaming,
  • Copenhagen Flames

Matches of the tournament will be carried out in a bo3 format and will be intense for sure. The teams, which have passed qualifiers, will be trying to earn a part of the prize pool and the teams, which are the co-founders of the tournament, will demand the players only to win the tournament. Considering that the tournament is the first one in this series, the victory in it will increase the winning team’s reputation and provide it with a solid piece of the significant prize pool. Generally, all fans of betting and the beautiful and intense play should pay attention to this tournament.



The company GRID has announced the new tournament under the tag #HomeSweetHome to fill the gap during the absence of big tournaments. This is a weekly tournament, the winner of which will earn 30 thousand dollars and the second prizer will grab 10 thousand dollars. The weekly tournaments will be carried out from Tuesday to Sunday. The exact line-up of teams is still in determination and the tournament itself will be hosted from March 31 to May 24. The prize pool and the format of the tournament might grow some time later.

During the last week, the organizers are going to gather only the winners of the weekly tournaments and it looks like the most interesting battle will start in this period. However, when the number of tournaments is limited, all fans of the game and betting fans definitely should pay their attention to this tournament.


ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – Online

The general pandemic cancels everything, however, esports has some advantages in these terms, namely, that is why the long-awaited tournament in the Major series will be hosted but it will be carried out in a bit different format. The tournament will be held from March 28 to April 19.

Команды участники будут разделены на несколько регионов, а именно:

The teams-participants will be divided into a few regions, namely:

  • Europe and CIS,
  • North America,
  • Southeast Asia,
  • South America,
  • China.

The prize pool will amount 200 thousand dollars in the European and CIS region and 16 teams will be fighting for it.

The exact format of the tournament is still not determined by the organizers yet. However, it is likely that the teams will be divided into 2 groups because, in this format, the teams will play the biggest number of matches, which, consequently, will increase the spectacularness of the tournament.

There will be four teams in the groups in the regions North America, South America, and Southeast Asia and the winners of groups will proceed directly to the final of the tournament and the teams to place 2nd-3rd will face in the decider match to participate in the final of the tournament. The prize pool in these regions will amount 40 thousand dollars.

6 teams will be fighting for a victory in the Chinese region, the winners of groups will advance to the final of the upper bracket and will play the decider match to proceed to the final of the tournament. The teams to place 3rd-4th will go to the loser’s bracket where they will not have the right to make a mistake. The prize pool in this region amounts 55 thousand dollars. All matches of the group stage and playoff matches will be carried out in a bo3 format, the only exception is the grand final matches, which will be hosted in a bo5 format.

Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association

This tournament will be hosted only among teams from the Chinese region from March 28 to April 19. The prize pool of the tournament will amount 400 thousand yuans (56 thousand dollars). 10 teams will take part in the tournament.

All matches will be carried out in a bo3 format. The winners will play between each other one time. The winner of the match will receive 1 point. The winner of the tournament will be determined by the number of points. It is an interesting tournament from the league, it is likely that such tournaments will be hosted in every region soon, so everyone who wants to enjoy an interesting play, understand the spirit of future tournaments, bet on a victory of a strong team or simply root for the favorite team, this tournament is mandatory to watch.

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