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The big decline of the Norwegian national team in recent years

During these last years the big decline in the football level of the Norwegian national team returned to extremely angry fans. This team that had been showing a competitive level is suffering a downgrade in his football abilities that affects its tournaments.

Far away are those glorious years in which the Norwegian team stood out for its football performances. The last competitions that they have to face, made it clear that the Norwegian national team is far away from reaching the same football level as its predecessors.

All this made the fans of Norwegian football extremely furious. The population is extremely upset with the performance of the team generating strong criticism against them. In addition, the fact that in Norway is a large number of fans who loves gambling the bad results made them angry because of the performance of the national team to which they bet their money.

The golden generation of the Norwegian national team


The participation of fans, who watch the matches through stream football, and the media should be of total support for the players. Instead of making strong criticisms, they must find a solution to problems like the ones we have previously proposed.

The Norwegian national team had an excellent streak of positive results in what was considered its golden age. In the national team led by a large part of its best players, Norway got successful in its international competitions.

This excellent football generation formed by players like Solskjaer or the Flo brothers led Norway to world success. During the unforgettable 1998 World Cup, the Norwegians saw their team beat the Brazilian national team, which was full of football legends.

This filled the Norwegian fans with confidence about his team, which was watching the great performance of his team. The fans were proud to see the great performance that the selected had and thought they would be able to keep it.

This great moment showed the Norwegian national team that they had great abilities to achieve football success. Unfortunately, this new generation of players who succeeded these legends did not live up to expectations. The poor performance of the team resulted in bad results that left the great Norwegian of 1998 forgotten.

Although there are many explanations for why this team has lowered its level, many take two options as the main causes. The first is because this golden generation was a special case that highlighted the football of this country. The second says that the one selected under his performance due to problems in his game.

Both answers can be valid at the same time, but the game presented by this one in recent years shows why the Norwegian national team has lowered the performance.


The worst generation of the Norwegian national team


The problems for the Norwegian team began with the generational replacement. Far away are those golden years in which this team demonstrated their soccer ability. All this led to a catastrophic present where this team could not find its way.

The new generation that took the Norwegian national team began to fail since its inception in the year 2000. During the years 2000 and 2004 this team only managed to win 37% of its matches. This result strongly surprises fans considering that the golden generation won 58% of their matches in the years 1995 to 1999.

The Norwegian team began to demonstrate its poor performance from the beginning. These first years were the worst in a long time since they lost 31% of the matches played. Doubts began to grow among fans and critics did not wait.

The next 5 years would not show an improvement. The Norwegian national time would continue to demonstrate its football fall by maintaining results almost equal to those of previous years. The percentage of defeat remained the same and only 3% improved their number of victories by winning 40% of the disputed games.

These results saddened all Norwegian fans who began to notice that it was very difficult to return to the golden years. This team would begin to resume the course with a strong criticism from fans and the press in the new year’s, although it would stay away from the golden generation.

During 2010 – 2013 the Norwegian national team would have a breath that would give it confidence. They managed to improve their football level by winning 48% of the matches played. This filled both the players and the fans with confidence who saw an opportunity to get ahead soccer.

Anyway, this great result of victories was also hindered by the large number of defeats. During these years 40% of the matches were lost. Unfortunately, this large number of defeats hindered the continuity of the team until its worst moment.

Things did not change anything for Norwegians in recent years. This team is going through its worst moment by losing 47% of the matches played. The criticism generated by the press was brutal and led the team to have more problems than before. Fans did not forgive the fact that his team did not find the direction and were furious with the Norwegian players.

All these problems led to the Norwegian team sinking further. Although the problems are many, the big question everyone asks is where are the problems of this team. Because of this, many decided to draw their own conclusions.


The main cause of the fall of the Norwegian national team


Although this team presented a lot of mistakes, there is one that stands out above the rest. When comparing this new football generation with the golden generation, the first fact that shows clear differences lies in the goals received.

This problem became a headache for soccer players since all media pressure was concentrated on defense. In recent years it has been shown that the Norwegian defense failed seriously by allowing its team to receive as many goals against.

These data are supported in the seen during the golden generation. In the years that this team went through its best moment, they only received 0.63 goals against on average per game. These data are far from today. During 2016 the Norwegian team was receiving 1.33 goals per game.

These data make it more than clear that the main problem of the team lies in the defense. The poor skill and defensive strategy presented by the coaches has led Norway to failure.

This failure has been periodic year by year demonstrating that there was no progress in more than ten years. During 2000, Norway received 0.94 goals per game, in 2005 1.09, in 2013 1.13 and finally in 2016 1.33.

These data make clear the immense defensive failure that the Norwegians are presenting. This fact angered the sports press and fans who do not find justification for such an error.


The decline in the level of Norwegian national team players


Another immense problem evidenced in recent years is the small number of Norwegian football players present in the most important football leagues. For many years, Norway had a significant number of players in the major leagues of this sport. At present, this number has fallen considerably.

In the time of the golden generation the Norwegian team had 63% of players in the best European leagues. The presence of Norwegian players in the big leagues was common for fans. All the best teams had at least 1 Norwegian player on their squad.

This large number of players seen in 1998 made it clear that Norway had a high level of footballers in their team. However, in the last years, this number would fall dramatically to what it is today.

In 2016, only 34.8% of Norwegian players have participation in the most important leagues. This demonstrates the big problem presented in the Norwegian team demonstrating the generational drop in an obvious way.

The low presence of Norwegian players in the big leagues makes it clear that the problem is not only defensive, but also in the training of their players. The most important players of the golden generation started their careers in the Norwegian league.

These players were successful in the Norwegian league where they formed great abilities and, most of them, continued their journey through the major European leagues. At present, the problem is also evidenced in the poor quality of soccer players that are emerging from this country.

The Norwegian teams also have big responsibility in the football crisis that they are going through. If Norwegian players were trained as their predecessors, the Norwegian national team would not have had the steep fall it has suffered.

However, this is no excuse for the big defensive problem they are having. Anyway, it is important to highlight it as one of the many things that this team must change to get success.


What needs to be changed so the Norwegian national team returns to success?


All the problems listed above are the main causes of the decline of this national team. The big problems of this team must be worked and fixed to return to success. Although there are a lot of things that must be changed, two of them are clearly evident.

First, the defense must be renewed. A football team needs a strong defense that prevents the strikers from scoring goals. The Norwegian team has flatly failed in this important aspect for the development of any team.

A better defensive training will change the way of defending in this team. If this is fixed, it would be possible to maintain a smaller amount of goals in the Norwegian side. This could help a lot to the forwards so they can play more calmly to convert.

If this is not changed, the team lost a huge amount of goals that will keep it in failure. The change must begin to follow immediately so this team can return to success quickly.

Secondly, Norwegian teams must re-train skilled players. The main problem of this team is in the decline of the level in his players. They had more than half of the team playing in major European leagues during the gold generation, now they only had 30% of his players playing there.

This problem is unforgivable and is due to the poor football training that the players received. If the coaches start motivating the strategic game in the Norwegian league, the players will recover the level of the previous generations.

In this way, we can have a well-developed team that faces the big European teams. The importance in the formation of players will also give the Norwegian league a big improvement within their own teams.

If all these changes are implemented correctly, Norway national team may have a great chance of success again. The confidence in the players must be maintained so that they are motivated to win the matches. For this, fan support is essential.

In the case that all of this suggestions were implemented correctly, the Norwegian national team has great chances to find football success again as in the times of the golden generation.

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