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“Drug testing room have a sitting Lionel Messi ‘sad’ – Liverpool star player is an exciting story is not unheard

Liverpool defender Joel Matip has revealed that he spent unused time with Lionel Messi after suffering a concussion following Barcelona’s Champions League defeat to Liverpool.

Barcelona is in the heart push a year ago when the Reds comeback record made at Anfield.

Liverpool fought back from a 3-0 first-leg defeat looga their 4-0 thrashing at the La Liga side and the second leg of the Champions League final and eventually won.

Matip was part of the nightclub group but instead of celebrating with his friends, he was taken to drug testing.

After he entered the room he was investigating drug looga met Lionel Messi very sad.

Matip told 11Freunde: “After the game we shook hands with the fans with the song ‘You Never Walk Alone’.

“That was one of the best times in my career, it was the first Schalke game I played in Munich.

“I was not thinking about anything but I was flying after singing with the fans.”

Matip added: “When I left the room in search of the drug, there was a man sitting and more symptoms of depression appeared to be Lionel Messi.

“We found ourselves in the stadium but it was not like we were sitting in a small room each day drinking coffee.

“Everyone was celebrating, and I was sitting in a small room with Messi.”

Messi has since described that night as the worst time of his career.

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