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Features and types of Superman exercise for the lower back

Superman Excercise

In most cases, the Superman exercise is considered a wellness exercise that perfectly strengthens the
lower back. Most often, it is indicated for those who have problems with the spine. Nevertheless, few
people know how to correctly apply Superman, revealing his full potential. This movement can be
incredibly useful even for those who work with huge weights. In this article, we will look at how to do it
right, what kinds of Superman are, and how you can progress in this exercise almost endlessly.

The advantages of superman pose

It is a mistake to consider this movement for the back only strengthening. Of course, if you do it at home and without weight, then it will be of such a nature. The movement is often recommended by doctors for people with lower back problems in order to strengthen muscles and gradually get rid of the pain. Due to the complete absence of axial load, it can be done even with hernias and protrusions (but not at the acute stage). The main “minus”, which is often attributed to this exercise, is the inability to progress. As a result, after several months, such gymnastics ceases to be relevant, the muscles just get used to the load. To fix this, there is a special technique for performing the exercise, which is often practiced in weightlifting and powerlifting. Next, we will consider in detail the power option, which will help you create an incredibly powerful lower back. Superman has a huge benefit in improving posture. This action is related to which muscles work during the exercise. In the “superman” are involved:

  • extensor muscles of the spine;
  • buttocks and biceps of the thigh;
  • hind deltas, trapezoids, neck.

Otherwise, the main feature is that it does not harm, but, on the contrary, helps the spine. Regularly performing this movement, you can significantly strengthen the lower back, get rid of back pain (especially in the lower part) and make the posture more slender. Including the “superman” in his strength training, you can count on a significant increase in working weights in the deadlift and any other exercises in which lumbar strength plays an important role.

The classic technique of performing Superman back extension Now consider the types of exercises.

Let’s start with the usual Superman exercise lying on the floor, which has a wellness character. The technique will look like this:

  • Lie down on your stomach. Stretch your arms and legs at the shoulder level. Try to stretch as best as possible.
  • Raise your arms and legs at the same time. Stay in this position for as long as possible.
  • Lower your arms and legs to the floor, take a short break, then repeat the movement again.

It is better to hold your hands with your palms down, although in some cases it is more convenient to use a neutral position (palms pointing towards each other). In general, the movement is very similar to the flight of Superman, where the main task is to hold the position for the maximum possible period. “Superman” is performed not by the number of repetitions in the approach, but exclusively by time under load. Try to progress constantly, increasing time. Also, to increase the load, you can do a series of “supermen” with a little rest.

Power version of Superman

This exercise is rarely used in the hall, although it will easily give odds of extensibility, hyperextension, and “good morning” combined. Nevertheless, professional athletes, especially weightlifters, for whom a strong lower back is critical, do it regularly. Moreover, even when using huge weights, the “power superman” will still be safe for the spine. It can serve as an excellent substitute for other exercises on the back in cases where the compression load is contraindicated. The only negative is that it will require a partner. It is best to do it in the gym because you have to use a large number of weight plates. The technique is as follows:

  • Lie down on the bench so that the lower abdomen and upper thighs lie on the bench. Work out
    without weight, you must ideally maintain balance without leaning forward or backward. Put your
    hands in front of you (can also be placed on the back of the head), this is the starting position.
  • The partner should evenly place weight plates on the biceps and on the upper back (on thetrapezium). The main thing is to maintain the correct position of the case and not to bend,otherwise, the benefit will decrease, and the risk of injury on the contrary.
  • Hold the position for the maximum amount of time, and then ask your partner to weight plates.Also, to increase the time under load, you can not immediately remove all weight plates, but one pair at a time, gradually.


In the list of the most underrated exercises, “Superman” will always be in the first place. The reason is as banal as possible – this exercise is not popular. Despite the fact that in the halls extensions and hyperextensions are used, which are considered the basis of the lower back training, the “Superman” with weight exceeds them in everything. More SUPERMAN exercises can be found on strongman website. Even performing a movement without weight can perfectly strengthen the lower back. Often it is used before heavy deadlift sets to warm up and prepare the lower back. This minimizes injuries and helps to take more weight.

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