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Find out how Pep’s Man City outclassed Mourinho’s Man Utd

Pep's Man City outclassed Mourinho's Man Utd

United’s defensive third their gig in pressing made it very difficult for United to start a counter-attack even when they did get away from the first wave of pressure city would come in tactical fouls to stop the counter-attack before it got too difficult to handle Fellini was used to get United upfield through long balls and in instances where United were able to link up a field city’s tactical selves would come to their rescue keeping united far away from the box all this made it very difficult for United to get.

In the final third and when they did get into advanced positions they were missing a good target to aim for in the box which would be Lukaku however, asked to have progressed united seem to have improved as they were playing with a lot more intensity Lingard was now coming over to the left side to help in the build-up which helped immensely in getting them upfield and into the final.

Third, the full-backs were encouraged to go up on their respective wings and attack while the forwards went inside Herrera was being very poor in possession as he a lot City two dispossessed him a couple of times which resulted in city able to counter-attack multiple times trying to extend their lead to two goals as the hath progressed United were much more careful in position instead we’re now trying to play from the back although city’s hot pressure made it difficult for them to do that they kept on trying to play from the back.

Marshall Chester City

Marshall dropping deep every now and then you’re not its best moment in the first half came after Walker was tracked off-field by Marshall so rash furred exploits the space on the left-wing setting a Marshall for a shot the first half ended with City on top however United’s reaction to conceding the goal meant that they were still in the game but not even three minutes into the second-half following a counter-attack after the highest pass is miss controlled by Lane guard when Chester City are able to score their second goal of the game putting a huge dent into United’s hope of coming back.

United’s fingers were staying quite deep and narrow to take care of the half-spaces while they had the ball near midfielder go up and pressed the center back to not allow him enough time in space to pick out a pass United continued to usefully need to get upfield and bypass city’s pressure and then look to create chances they were still pressing high to disrupt city’s build a play which Aderson was able to deal with without too much difficulty meanwhile city continued to target young and could have scored their third of the game

If Stirling decided to shoot in the 56th-minute Lingard was replaced by Luca Ku which meant that Radford went over to the right-wing this is what resulted from Lucca whose first touch after coming on Edison failed to get the ball but caught the man which awarded the penalty to United Marshall stepped up to take the penalty and scored which gave United a sliver of hope of getting back into the game United continued to play from the back when given the opportunity.

While City was dealing with those isolated instances with tactical fouls which ended Unitas attack before it became a threat in the 62nd minute Sonny came on for ma this meant that sterling went over to the right well son I became the left-winger Hadera continued to be sloppy in possession creating unnecessary problems for United so in the 73rd minute Marino decided to replace him and Lingard with Mata and Sanchez this was an offensive move.

Mourinho with Man Utd

Mourinho as United now had just Fellini and Mata covering the midfield Guardiola brought on Gunn do one for agüero just a couple minutes after that this change meant that Stirling was not the false-9 and this is where it all went south for United you see I applaud Mourinho for going on the offense but he made it much easier for City to move the ball around as United only had two players taking care of the midfield as opposed to three before and even.

That wasn’t sufficient enough on occasions so right after the substitutions by both teams City has the total control of the game is the extra player in the midfield allowed City to be very comfortable when in possession while United’s midfield presence got even worse than before as the game was coming to an end in the 86th minute City getting to the final third after exploiting the space left by United’s two defensive midfielders.

Fellini gets tracked inside to cover city’s false-9 but leaves huge space open on the left side of the field in process which Kundan is more than happy to exploit that play eventually results in Gundu on scoring set his third goal of the game which had 42 passes leading up to that instance overall Guardiola totally outclassed Mourinho and even when it seemed like Mourinho was getting United back into the game Guardiola spotted the flaws.

Mourinho substitutions which eventually resulted in Manchester City scoring a very impressive team goal putting any result other than a loss out of marinas reach Pep Guardiola definitely won the tactical battle in this match to be fair to Mourinho he hasn’t been able to put together a squad of his choice as Guardiola has but he should still be doing a lot better than his current position considering the depth and strength he possesses.

His current squad let me know if you agree or disagree with also let me know any thoughts you have on this match I’d love to know what you think so let me know down in the comments below if you like what I do and want me to do this full time check out my Patreon page through the link in description or the card on top right I really appreciate the support follow us on Twitter Instagram and Facebook all links can be found in description thank you to field Jani J Manjit Singh yet sorry Gretzky Jerry Bartlett Alberto Anthony Hamilton Hobart Nadine Leckie Sengoku Sanh and more for supporting.

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