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How Klopp’s Masterclass Got Mourinho Sacked Analysis

How Klopp's Masterclass Got Mourinho Sacked Analysis

Manchester United Charles who Enfield and experienced their first defeat at Liverpool’s home ground in over five years clop totally dismantled Marinus tactics which allowed Liverpool to manhandle Manchester United rice on the kickoff until the final whistle this match would prove to be Marino’s last game in charge of the Red Devils as he was sacked right after this match thus continuing on the tradition where Mourinho gets the boot in his third season.

I have a few things to say about his third season curse and I’m going to speculate why this is so common while showing you some statistics after I’m done with analyzing this match and before we get into the article. I’d like to thank Squarespace for supporting this channel whether you need a domain website or online store to make it with Squarespace.

Mourinho was doing an awful job this season while cloth finds himself on top of the table and Liverpool are already regarded as one of the top teams to look out for the difference between these two managers is that cops tactics are quite difficult to counter even Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City who won.

Premier League last season dread going up against Liverpool since club has managed to get the upper hand on most occasions meanwhile on the opposite end of spectrum we have Mourinho who’s adamant on playing with old-fashioned tactics and doesn’t want to innovate like most of the managers have been doing recently I mentioned how Mourinho needed to change his tactics if he wanted to improve United in our previous article.

Lukaku back?

I also went over why Mourinho was more or less forced to change his approach due to circumstances out of his control which ended up working in his favor as Man United had the upper hand for the most part although in this match Marina decided to go with a similar approach without taking cops tactics into consideration for some reason he brought Lukaku back in place of Marcia while young started as a left wing-back allowing.

That man to play as a right-center back which is relatively a more suitable position for him Smalling couldn’t make it through the warm-up so Marina had to switch up the defenders a little bit apart from that everything looked similar to their lineup against Arsenal club, on the other hand, stuck with the same formation that has proved to be so successful for he was missing a few defenders with Alexander Arnold ma tape Gomez and Milner out with injuries but Lovren recovered in time to make it into the starting eleven o’clock made some slight changes to his tactics.

I will address when going over Liverpool’s offensive game plan let’s go over what Moreno had in mind first so he can better understand how close tactics managed to annihilate United scheme plan even though I don’t necessarily agree with the way marina likes to play la Kaku I understand why Marshall was replaced with a Belgian striker as I said in our previous article marina would choose Lukaku whenever he’s fit to play as the center-forward who would be at the end of long balls along United to bypass the midfield basically Murnian was clearly aware that the force will have a difficult time playing between the lines and so on.

Lukaku was his solution of going around that problem that much makes sense considering that’s usually what Marino’s offensive game plan is but what I don’t get is leaving a World Cup winner on the bench when it’s clear that your game plan relies on counter-attack and accurate long passes both of which Pogba is more than capable of handling better than anyone in the squad anyway this will come up again later in the article.

Liverpool Robertson

I’ll get back to a dent Radford was playing on the left while Lingard was allowed to run freely to help in the build-up and as expected Lukaku played as a center forward Dalla was given the freedom to attack down the right side as he was basically a right-winger at times but Dalla always had to be aware of Robertson’s position as he was tasked to man marked a Liverpool fullback that was done because he nodded wanted to disrupt Liverpool’s build-up whenever they try to play from the back and for that purpose.

Rochefort stayed by the right-back effectively eliminating Liverpool’s option to play to either fullback so United pressed high as sling art stayed but a deep-lying midfielder and then pressed the center back when given the chance while cutting the passing lane to the midfielder behind him meanwhile, Lukaku stayed by the far center back to discourage Liverpool from switching to the other and get her on the high press Herrera was tasked to come up and stay by any Liverpool midfielder who dropped deep looking to get.

Liverpool away from the pressure the goal was to cover all the nearby players giving Liverpool no option but to go long which would give you not at a pretty good chance to win the ball that’s pretty much what Mourinho had in mind now before we take a look at how clocks tactical masterclass rendered marinas tactics as useless let’s do a quick overview of the basics of clubs tactical plan club had Keita play on the left side while Manny was playing on the right side with Salah as a center forward similar to what he did against Bournemouth this allowed cloth to give.

Firmino a freeroll allowing him to go wherever he wanted wine album and Fubini o stayed back – a lot of fullbacks to go up and become the most advanced players on their respective wing this allowed the forwards to play inside with a lot more freedom without the ball Liverpool made sure to not put pressure on BAE who was playing in the middle and waited until.

He made a pass to another center-back before they’re pressed notice how Kate oppresses as soon as BAE makes the pass when United was able to get in behind the first wave of pressure Liverpool would press from both sides giving you not a very little time to make a decision with Dallow staying high up Robertson was tasked to stick tied.

The wing-back not affording him any space to help United get upfield and if he dropped deep to help in the build-up Keita and Robertson were able to double-team him by pressing from both directions causing him to lose possession all this made it very difficult for United to play through Liverpool’s pressure as they kept giving the ball away in dangerous areas allowing.

United kept Liverpool

Liverpool to get into the final third easily, as a result, United had no choice left but to keep going along to Lukaku every time they had possession it actually got so ridiculous that United kept going long as soon as the won the ball back from Liverpool effectively giving the ball back within a few seconds of winning.

It but even that wasn’t doing anything for United as Liverpool’s defenders made sure to stay tied with Lukaku to deny him any opportunity to link up the only way that we’re actually able to get into Liverpool’s half goes through counter-attacks which broke down before they even got into the final third because they were so limited when Connor attacking as a result.

Liverpool had an overwhelming majority of the possession and to make matters worse for United Liverpool kept finding gaps to exploit notice Armitage and Herrera are pressing Liverpool’s midfielders when they’re deep so when Herrera goes up data has to come back in the middle to cover the midfield but since it takes a while for Mata to make his way back famous freeroll allows him to drop into the gap and exploit the extra space.

And when United’s midfielder stayed back to avoid giving Firmino the extra space Liverpool had an open midfielder to get them through United’s pressure with no one to press him and this is where it gets even more interesting I say that because Cloths decision to get Firmino a free role disrupted United’s gameplan no matter where the ball was noticed how Mata is staying on the wing.

Fermi knows nearby and also to provide support to young meanwhile Herrera has to cover the huge space in midfield by himself and also has to look out for Keita but that allows mana to drop into the huge gap between United’s midfielders which also drags her inside as Firmino is still open even after a center back stepping up and closing down the space because Herrera got dragged inside Keita has huge space in front with no one to put any sort of pressure on him until he’s in the final third since Damian found himself one-on-one with Keita as a result.

Marta CH United

United’s midfielders getting tracked he had to stay with Keita to not allow him enough space to pick out a player and also give you not a time to get back into their shape this resulted in two things since Herrera had to fill in for Damian while he got back Marta CH was left as the only midfielder in the middle dad allowed Liverpool to get into good positions quite easily as they only had to get her on one player Liverpool could have scored if a midfielder made a late run into the box secondly.

Liverpool tried to explore the space left by the odd man going up by tempting runs in behind the defense time and time again for Minos position Drac United’s midfielders inside which a lot Liverpool to get into the final third way too easily without any pressure until they reach the box for Mino’s role even created problems for United on the wings osmotic getting dragged away meant that only young were left to take care of two players on the wing by himself which resulted.

Linda love getting dragged towards the sidelines as young had to choose a player to stay close to toss disrupting United’s shape even more and myth Saleh and mine is starting to play between the lines it was no wonder that majority of the game was being played in United’s final third Firmino drops deep while Matej goes back to cover money who’s trying to play between the lines allowing Firmino to receive a pass in the half-space without any pressure on him whenever United won the ball after Lucas attack they tried to play from the back every now and then as going long wasn’t doing them any favors.

But Liverpool’s Kagan pressing made sure they won the ball back and attack right after not even letting United get out from the final third as a result Liverpool kept on attacking the heads goal looking to take the lead Liverpool kept on creating a lot of changes since they were in total control and got close on many occasions while United could only manage one chance.

Attack of Lukaku

That was a result of a counter-attack after Lukaku tracked back to help out a defend where some nice play from Dallow allowed United to get through Liverpool suffocating them on the wings who then looked for Mata edge to help move the ball around since they were having such a hard time getting into the final third.

Rochefort decides to drop into the half-space and test the goalkeeper from distance apart from that it was all one-way traffic as Liverpool were dominating United in every aspect and after Liverpool win the ball through Gagan pressing following Silas cross money decides to run in behind Linda love who was occupied with one album in front while young are unable to stay with money allowing money to score giving Liverpool the lead in the 24th minute Liverpool showed no signs of stopping as they continued on attacking looking to extend their lead Lauren should have done better from that distance money started to drop deep as well helping.

Liverpool move the ball around in midfield around the half-hour mark united seem to have find a flaw after her data started pushing up he was able to find space between Liverpool’s midfielders and Keita who was mostly concerned with Liverpool’s left side that was because Liverpool’s midfielders were occupied with Lingard Radford and young on the left-wing and just a couple of minutes after that had us able to use that fought to get united into the final third that play results in Lucas cross being mishandled by Alison giving Wingard a perfect opportunity to equalize.

Alison tried to catch it but ends up making a mistake along United to score against the run of play Liverpool continued to move the ball around comfortably in the midfield looking to get into the final third but they were unable to create a clear chance as the half came to an end going into the second half Moreno decided to switch to 433 to give you not at a much needed extra man in midfield I’m sure you can guess who the midfielder was that’s right the Dan I mean Fellini Fellini came on for Dalla and this is what I don’t understand United were lacking creativity in midfield which kept resulting in them giving the ball away cheaply putting aside whatever is and why Moreno did not start.

Pogba it would make a lot more sense to bring him on now instead of Fellini Gbagbo would have made it so United could to the ball much better than before and also provide an excellent option during counter-attacks ss ball-playing abilities are arguably the best United can have in midfield his long passes are also much more accurate than Mata CH O’Hara or any other player in the current squad for that matter yet morena chooses Fellaini.

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