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PSG hangs on Mbappe Mauro Icardi Get heart

PSG hangs on Mbappe Mauro Icardi Get heart

Mauro Icardi may be upset. Going into PSG, the striking mother of the striker made a hat-trick in the quarterfinals of the French League Cup yesterday. His hat-trick of Seth Etienne went 4-1 in the semifinals of the team. But if there is any discussion on social media through Ikardi! All have met with Tony Crews’ Olympic goals and Mbappe in the Spanish Super Cup.

Killian Mbappe is spending the rest of his time with the Olympic goal of the cruise. Mbappe got a goal yesterday for PSG. But the discussion is not about goals, but about goals. Mbappe got the ball from Neymar’s dummy at one point during the match. French forward tried to score a shot at Rabona from outside the D-box! The shot taken from the back of his left leg to his right foot did not go into the net for a single moment. Otherwise, the debate with the best goal this year would have ended in the second week of the year.

At the end of the match so the media’s interest was surrounded by Mbappe. And any talk about this forward to this day is a negotiation of his contract. The International Association of Sports Sciences (CIES) has revealed that the most expensive footballer in the football world is now in Mbappe. PSG wants to tie the forward on a new deal worth more than 5 million euros more than Neymar (1.5). By the way, the Paris Club has said it intends to pay almost three times the current salary to avoid the sight of Real Madrid. But for personal reasons, Mbappe does not want to renew the contract right now.

At the end of the match, journalists were repeatedly taking the context of the deal. But Mbappe has stated directly, ‘Now is not the time to talk about it. Now that it’s time to focus on football, I want to keep the current season in mind. The club is in good shape and it is not time to think about it. ”Mbappe has a contract with PSG until June 2022.

Earlier, French media reported that Neymar had agreed to a new deal with PSG. But the club wants to give Mbappe a new deal before Neymar because Paris thinks Mbappe could be their main weapon in the way of European rule, not Neymar.

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