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Real is running out to buy ‘Future Number 10 of Brazil’

Real is running out to buy 'Future Number 10 of Brazil'

Rainier’s Jesus Carvalho is considered as the No. 1 player in the Brazilian national team. Real Madrid ahead of the competition with other clubs to buy him.

In football, the interest to surround the ‘Number 1’ player is natural. It doesn’t matter if the big team is number 5. Many of the footballers look forward to his footwork. Brazilian media continues to rumble, finding the future ‘number ten’ – Jesus Carvalho of Rainier.

The 8-year-old flamingo is known as the attacking midfielder Rainier. And days later in Latin football, the clubs in Europe have always faced the task of raising emerging groups as ‘wonder boys’. Real Madrid, such as Venezuela and Rodrigo, have been drawn recently. This time they are leaving behind Rainier.

According to the source, ESPN said the Spanish club had talked to the squad with the emerging footballer of Flamingo. Barcelona and Manchester City want to buy Reinier in addition to Real. Rainier has spoken to Rainier several times, according to a Bursa source told ESPN.

But his price is a bit too much for Barca. Spanish media ‘Marca’ said Flamengo is considering a million euros for a midfielder playing in Brazil’s age group. Reignier will be ‘sold for a lot of money in a big club in Europe,’ commented by team coach Horse Jesus.

The big club in Europe is more likely to become a Real. Rio de Janeiro’s media reporter Van Dia Casagrande yesterday reported that “Real is ahead of the flamenco raccoon.” In his report, Real has been in regular contact with Reinier’s representative. The Spanish club is trying to clear the matter this month. However, Rainier’s price hike could end up being 1 million euros in the end, he said.

Marca said Real would not be able to play in the starting squad even if he bought her. Because the non-European player’s quota has already been met by Ed Militao, Rodrigo and Vinicius. So even if he bought Rainier, Flamengo could be playing Real for some time.

Reinier’s father, Mauro Brasilia, told Casagrande that he would have a meeting with the player’s representative Hulio Taran soon. Brasilia did not deny that he was in talks with Real about the boy’s move. Flamingo owns 100 percent of Reinier’s economic ownership.

Rainier has received a call in Brazil’s pre-Olympic squad. As one of the most important members of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the Spanish news media AS told of his talent in the middle, “The future of the Brazilian national team is number one.”

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