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Real Madrid: The 32-year-old broke the record

Real Madrid: The 32-year-old broke the record

Nothing could be thought of earlier this season. Real Madrid’s attacking goal was not scoring. Read Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure showed the symptoms. But the problem of conserving Los Blanco is nothing new. It can be seen from season to season. Whether the defensive coach is in charge of the offensive coach; This has no effect on the digestion of the Spanish alphabet.

Real scored three goals against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League group stage against Real Madrid, scoring two goals in the first half against Club Brugge. The situation was so bad that he was unable to handle the pressure after the first half of the match, leaving goalkeeper Thibo Courtney. Then it seemed like last season, this time, the opponent will see the goal. He finished the first half of the league or the league record the lowest goal in 12 years!

La Liga has five matches. They are well-run in the title with 3 points equal to Barcelona in five matches. The problem with Real’s goals has not diminished. They have scored only 3 goals in five matches. 3 goals less than Barcelona. Without a Karim Benzema, he has yet to score more than three goals for Real in the league. Yet the reason for the turnaround with Barcelona is the protection of Real. Real scored only 12 goals in 5 matches!

At the end of the first half of the league, the record of eating so many goals in that 1/4. The whole credit behind this is Kortauer. Cortoya has amassed only five goals in five matches in the league so far. Cortoy has changed since leaving the field that way against Club Brugger. The Belgian goalkeeper has scored just two goals in the last five games in the league. He scored 4 goals in the first 3 games of the league. Cortoya has been swinging with Atletico of Atletico Madrid in the league’s best goal-scoring run in five games.

Holding a goal is not just a goalkeeper’s job. Maintenance also plays a role. Folded defenses minimize the work of the goalkeeper. However, he is now facing the mistakes of defending Cortova, who has pushed three guaranteed goals against Getafe.

In the first 3 matches of the league, Kortova scored five goals. He blocked only 1 of the 3 shots taken by the opponent on goal. But since then he has been in great form. In the next 12 games, his goal was not able to cross the goal line in 5 of the six shots he shot. Cortova did not score a goal in the last five games.

Here is the difference with Real last season. Real’s defensive end was averaging 28 goals last season. That’s the league’s second-highest goalscorer record in this century. Real defender scored 26 goals in 5 matches during the 26/1 season at the time of the legendary Iker Cassius. After this season, the Real team was drafted.

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