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Soon the meeting is being held in ‘Big Three’, the pace of cricket may change

Soon the meeting is being held in 'Big Three', the pace of cricket may change

The meeting is coming soon in Mumbai. Host BCCI It will be joined by three other influential boards of cricket – Cricket Australia (CA), England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket South Africa (CSA). Apart from South Africa, the decision of the three boards of cricket’s reputation for the remaining three boards could change the pace and future of the game, Indian media reported the Times of India.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and board secretary Joy Shah will be the meeting’s organizers. The media said the meeting of the cricket board of the four countries will try to implement the agenda of the discussions – a five-day test. B. Discussion on organizing tournaments of nations.

C. Set aside time for IPL, Big Bash and Honda Tournament to start. D. To discuss the upcoming ICC Board of Directors meeting in Dubai (January 5). The meeting will also consider the influential broadcasters of cricket, the media reported.

Australia, England and England Cricket Board will be meeting soon in Mumbai. The South Africa Cricket Board is with them. Their meeting decisions could change the future course of cricket

In the context of whether the test should be done in five days to four days, Cricket Australia thinks the Times of India is “in favor” of it. According to them, the ECB is ‘pleased’ to be in CSA talks ‘ready to discuss’. And the BCCI is “happy to hold a meeting to hear everyone.”

The Australian Cricket Board has not yet “agreed” to host the four-nation tournament, the media reported. An unsupported source said they could attend the meeting as well as the New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC).

There has been a lot of controversies recently in favor of conducting a four-day test. Many former-cricketers are still in favor of the five-day test. Some cricketers favor four days. Earlier, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly told the media that he was planning to host a four-nation tournament last December.

He said India will be the first ‘Super Series’ with four teams in 2021. However, Sourav did not say which of the four teams would play with India, England, and Australia. However, the host of the tournament will be back in India, England, and Australia.

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