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Super Cup in Saudi Arabia to earn money

Super Cup in Saudi Arabia to earn money

For the money, a new version of the Spanish Super Cup has been created in Saudi Arabia, said Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde.

A new version of the Spanish Super Cup has been rolled out this year. Earlier, the Super Cup title was settled with matches between the two teams winning La Liga and Copa del Rey. But this time, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has set the stage for the semifinals with two more teams.

The matches are being held in Saudi Arabia. Not only this time, but the next three editions of the Super Cup will also be developed in the Arab country. Barca coach Ernesto Vallabard could not be more satisfied with the new version and venue. In his words, the new version has been introduced in the Super Cup for the sake of money.

Real Madrid advanced to the final after defeating Valencia in the Copa del Rey win in the first semi-final of the Super Cup yesterday. Barcelona’s opponent Atletico Madrid tonight in Bangladesh. But in the previous format, the two clubs in Madrid could not be part of the Super Cup.

At a news conference yesterday, Valverde said, “The key is to become a football business. And if you do business, you must earn income. That is why we are here (Saudi Arabia). This is completely different from the version we adapted. It was the first title of the season. That was good for me.

After switching, let’s see what happens. It’s good to have four teams but I don’t know how good it is from a sports perspective. We must remember that what we are in football is to find an industry, a source of income; He has a special relationship with this country, just like we played in Morocco last year (23). ”

There were two-leg matches before Super Copa. That is the beginning of the season. This time it didn’t happen. The season is now midway. Last season also changed. Sevilla faced Barcelona in a one-leg game in Tangier, Morocco. The second-best team of La Liga and Copa del Rey has also been added to the tournament. Atletico Madrid has a second chance at La Liga. And Real Madrid has been selected from La Liga champions Barcelona Copa del Rey in the finals because of the more successful team between the two teams.

Spain’s current coach and former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, however, is pleased with the new Super Copa. He believes that there will be more competition in the current format than ever before. There used to be a time when those two games seemed more like pre-season preparation. Now it will be very interesting. ‘

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