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The Norwegian wonderkid ending a name of frustrating brilliance of football history

One of the best gifts Norwegian football received, since the end of its golden age, is the football appearance of Martin Odegaard. This young wonderkid has already made his way in the major European leagues thanks to his excellent soccer skills. No one doubts that this young man is on his way to becoming the best Norwegian national team player in his history.

With an excellent present, this young man has already made his way in the big leagues. He is already shining in Spain demonstrating his great football skills as a midfielder. One of the best acquisitions made by Real Sociedad this season was the lending of Odegaard.

Those who also benefited from the formation of Odegaard were sports betting lovers. Because of the fall in the Norwegian national team’s level of play, many turned to online casinos as they had lost faith in their team.

However, there is something special about this young man that sets him apart from the rest. In addition to his excellent football skills that led him to be among the best wonderkids, this young man stands out for being Norwegian. It has been a long time since Norwegian football formed a player of good football level. This young man has attracted the attention of all fans in his home country since everyone is expectant of what Odegaard can do in the national team.

Unfortunately, Norway’s situation in the national team is publicly known. Since the golden generation in the 1998 World Cup, this team did not return to having a good performance internationally. Despite having a terrible national team, this young man seems to be the great football promise of Norway.

All fans placed their trust in Odegaard. This is not for less, since this young man of only 20 years is one of the few Norwegians who reached the big leagues at such a young age. You could even say that Odegaard is the best thing that happened to Norway in recent years. His story is more than interesting, from its origins to its great present, this player won his success with his good game.


His brilliant start in Norwegian football

At a young age, this excellent footballer has already begun to show his talent. The roots of a soccer player are fundamental to mark his growth in the future. This was clearly demonstrated in the Drammen Strong, a team that saw Odegaard born in soccer. In the typical neighborhood club, this midfielder started his football career without thinking that he would become the best player in Norway.

The accompaniment of his family was fundamental. His parents always trusted him and his career. This is why they made a significant investment to this team so they can build a modern stadium in which their son could play. Clearly this investment took effect, since the conditions in which he trained were fundamental for his formation.

All Drammen fans saw a great future in this young player. With less than 13 years, already impressed the coaches. The potential that Odegaard had never been seen in Norway before. They immediately realized the great future that this wonderkid would give them.

In a short time, his name become popular in Norway teams. Many important teams were awaiting the formation of Martin who ended up joining Strømsgodset I. F. This team quickly saw the potential of this young man and placed him in the first team in his short 13 years. Quickly, he gained the confidence of the team and began playing as a starter in the lower categories. He was always the youngest of his team and the most promising player.

Everyone was watching Odegaard. At 15, he became the youngest player to debut in the top league in Norwegian football. All sports media talked about this wonderful young man who had unique and unparalleled soccer skills within his country.

His training was fundamental in the process of becoming a leader of the national team. At present, it is clear that all the effort that his parents made, to have their son training in good conditions, gave his results. Odegaard’s career would not have been as productive if he had not received the training he was given in Norwegian football. The reward for his training for Norway came in his national team.

However, this young midfielder returned the hopes to fans of bets. The good results that Norway has been having gave them hope to bet safely.

His football career in the national team was very fast. As all Norway talked about him, he was summoned to play with the U16 team. In it, he presented an excellent quality of play standing out in the 3 games were he played. His coach was surprised by his skills and the whole world began to look at Martin as a great signing. After his excellent performance during these games, he made it clear that his training career was over and his professional era was beginning.


His impressive jump to success

All the great European teams fought to sign Odegaard. No one doubted that this young man would be the great revelation of the new century. At his short 15 years he had already established himself as the future of Norway. Faced with the battle to sign this wonderkid, one offer was imposed on the others because of his elite of players.

On a long trip through Europe, this midfielder trained on all the great teams. Every team he visited, he left an excellent reference of his future. Odegaard was tested in Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and other great teams. Everyone agreed to hire Odegaard, but this young man’s dream was in Spain. The long-awaited offer of Real Madrid was presented and the Norwegian did not doubt.

Under the command of Zinedine Zidane, this young man joined the ranks of Real Madrid with only 16 years. The surprise of the fans was very big since nobody was expected that this young man jumped into the big leagues so quickly. However, the coach’s confidence was essential for the signing to be finalized.

His debut was swift. On May 23, 2015 he replaced Cristiano Ronaldo in a league match against Getafe becoming the youngest player to debut in the Spanish League. All fans cheered his admission and his jump to stardom was finally finalized.

After several loans in Dutch football, this young man was loaned to Real Sociedad. Currently, he is playing in this Spanish team where he is having an excellent season. At the end of the year, his loan will end and many see great possibilities that Odegaard becomes part of the first Real Madrid team.

His skills in these years also had an impact on the national team. In Norway, as we mentioned before, he is highly loved by fans. This affection is returned with a large number of plays created by Martin that gave Norway a great football level.

All this training that Odegaard received in recent years led him to improve the level of his national team. This sowed hope within their country as they believe that, with Odegaard, they can be a successful team again. From what we have seen, his work in the lower divisions of the Norwegian team was excellent.


The great promise of the Norway national team

In Norway they have clear that this young man has the football future of his country in his hands. This team has been showing a terrible level of play that is in free fall. Since the great golden generation of 1998, the national team has not achieved success at the international level, leaving a poor performance in each competition that they had to face.

However, in our article about the big decline of the Norwegian national team in recent years, we name several reasons for their lousy soccer level. One of the main problems that this team presented was the lack of an unbalanced and skilled player. The 1998 team was full of great soccer players who played in the big European leagues.

It is impossible for fans not to have faith in Odegaard. This team needed a player like Odegaard to distribute a first level game within the field of play. Fans saw the midfielder debut with only 15 years in his national team. Obviously, a player who hasn’t finished his full formation can’t turn from one moment to another a team that had years of bad game.

However, the future project is the key of this team. At 20, he has already established himself as a team leader. All Norwegians claim that this young man will take them back to a new golden generation. There is still a lot of time in his sports career and he needs more formation skills. Despite this, his first steps in the national team are already leaving great results.

Since the arrival of Odegaard, Norway began to improve his football level. In the Euro Qualifying stage they are performing more than positive results compared with the last cup. They became a team who had lost all matches to a team who got a 1-1 draw against the national team of Spain.

Clearly, the influence of this young midfielder had an impact on the team. Before, they did not strive for good results and were content to lose by few goals. Now, they aim to qualify for the EURO Cup 2020. This would not have been possible if Odegaard had not demonstrated his good game within the team. He became a leader on the team and all his teammates want to be like him.

No one disputes that this young man is not skilled. Norway once again had a reason to dream of becoming a successful team. The simple presence of Odegaard encourages his colleagues to believe that It is possible to move the team forward together.

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