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Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks in the World Right Now

NFL QB rankings

The NFL is one of the most exciting sporting leagues in the world and the elite players at the top of the sport are the reason why.

Quarterbacks are the difference between success and failure at the highest level. The best ones can win teams the Super Bowl single-handed, while the others can sink the fortunes of their respective franchises.

Here is our top 10 list of the current best quarterbacks in the NFL.

1. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

Mahomes has set the standard for quarterback play since becoming a starter in the 2018 season.

He won an MVP award and a Super Bowl in his first two full seasons in the league, and will surely keep the Chiefs in contention for the Vince Lombardi Trophy for a long while. By taking a look here you can gain all the information you need on how you can back Mahomes and the Chiefs to continue their NFL dominance as they look to start a dynasty.

2. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Rodgers has been at the top of the game for the last decade and has one Super Bowl to his name. He has not enjoyed the success his ability should have allowed due to a number of frustrating playoff defeats for the Packers. At the age of 37, he has a few years left to bolster his legacy and another Super Bowl would not hurt.

3. Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Brady has remained at the peak of his powers in his first season at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the age of 43. Many predicted he would struggle in his first season away from the New England Patriots – where he won six Super Bowls alongside Bill Belichick. The quarterback threw 40 touchdowns and continues to defy the ageing process.

4. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

Wilson enjoyed success in his early career, winning the Super Bowl in 2013. He has managed to keep his career on track despite his goalline interception that cost Seattle a second Lombardi Trophy a year later. He has produced on a consistent basis despite differing levels of talent around him.

5. Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans)

Watson is sensational and has excelled in the NFL, despite putting up with injuries and bizarre personal decisions at Houston as highlighted in this article.

He has transcended those issues to put up incredible statistics. Watson deserves to win a Super Bowl in the future.

6. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)

Allen has lifted the Bills out of the mire and helped secure their first AFC East title in 25 years in the 2020 season. He has all the tools required to move higher on the list in the future should he maintain his form of the current campaign. Watch out for Allen.

7. Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

Jackson won the MVP award in the 2019 season with a spellbinding play. However, he has yet to prove his mettle in the playoffs and outside of his comfort zone. Jackson could develop, but for now, he ranks behind Mahomes, Watson and Allen in his era.

8. Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

Ryan has not had the breaks in his NFL career. His 2016 MVP season was marred by Atlanta’s collapse in the Super Bowl. He has remained consistent, but the team has developed a losing culture around him. A move elsewhere could bring out his elite form once more.

9. Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans)

Tannehill has had a renaissance in his NFL career since his move to the Titans as explained on this site. He was average at the Miami Dolphins for seven years, but working with running back Derrick Henry has turned him into a quality starter.

10. Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals)

Murray took a step forward in his second season in the NFL and looks to be an extremely capable quarterback. His dual-threat causes teams a host of problems and will no doubt have the Cardinals competing deep in the playoffs in no time.

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