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Top 5 most lucrative careers for non-athletes

lucrative careers for non-athletes

For many sports fans, the idea of becoming a world-famous athlete is the ultimate dream, one that promises a stadium full of bright lights, magnificent trophies and adoring fans. Not only this, but the financial reward that accompanies the coveted career of an athlete is actually one of the most lucrative salaries in the world. That’s not to say that this is the only way one can earn big in the sports world. There are many other options available for those looking to pursue a lucrative career in sports. Here we uncover the top five –

1. Sports Physiotherapist (£45,000)

This is a great option if you’re looking to work directly with a sports team and help aid an athlete’s performance. Not only is a physiotherapist there to diagnose and treat any injuries that may occur, but certain skills are required to compose recovery training plans, provide advice and constantly assess the performance of each player. To qualify you will need to complete a degree in physiotherapy.

2. Sports Journalist (£24,473)

If your friends are always looking to you for the latest sporting news, this may be the career for you. As well as a strong passion for all areas of sport, and good writing ability, you’ll need to have excellent research skills and be an effective communicator as you may be required to conduct interviews. A degree in journalism and necessary experience is required to succeed in this field.

3. Coach (£35,000)

If you have excellent working knowledge of a specific sport and are able to get the best out of people, sports coaching may be your calling in life. You’ll need to be a strategic thinker that can devise tactical plans, lead a team and teach a winning mindset. Experience as a professional player isn’t necessary, but you must hold a relevant coaching qualification from the NGB of that sport.

4. Referee (£40,000)

Get yourself in the thick of the action as a referee, but be mindful that you’ll be required to have an objective approach, be physically fit, and hold expert knowledge of your chosen sport. As well as enforcing rules and observing the game with an eagle eye, you’ll have to be comfortable with making important decisions. Depending on the sport you’d like to referee, there are certain courses you need to complete and experience at grassroots level is

5. Agent (£40,000+)

A successful career as an agent can earn you some serious money if you have the know-how. Although no professional qualifications are required, it helps to have good connections, astute business acumen, and fierce negotiation skills. You must be prepared to put in the hard work by constantly scouting for new talent, managing your clients and networking for opportunities.

Not only will these jobs allow you to turn your passion for sport into a lucrative career, but they’ll ensure you’re in the thick of the sporting action without having to endure an athlete’s training programme! Now, that’s what we call a fair game.

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