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Top 5 Places for Affordable Sports Streaming

Thanks to the rise of the internet, gone are the days of needing a full-blown TV subscription service in order to watch your favourite sports. Online, you can find plenty of non-traditional methods by which to watch sports from the comfort of your own home, or while you are on the go via your phone, tablet, or laptop. Here are the top 5 places you should check out if you are looking for an affordable way to watch sports online.


The online forum Reddit holds countless benefits for users who share interests of any sort. Naturally, this includes a lot of sports fans. On their site, you will find plenty of ways to keep up to date with your favourite sports, discuss it with fellow fans, and also, as means by which you can find and share affordable streams. For pretty much every single sport on the market, there will also be a Reddit page where you can find a range of streams to watch sports.

Whether these be for free or for very reasonable prices, if you are looking to stream your favourite sport it should be your go-to. Within the specific subreddit for your sport, you will find plenty of different places to stream your favourite sports, with different languages and coverage from across the world. Essentially, turning making Reddit and encyclopaedia for easy to watch sport streaming sites.

Online Bookmakers

Another easy way to watch sports is via being a member at one of the countless bookmakers that are available on the market. Many of the best-known sports betting sites such as Bet365, Unibet and William Hill will allow users to watch the sport of their choice directly on their website, which is completely free and licensed by sports coverage providers. The best way how to find all terms and rules as well as the sports you can watch online is to head up to sites like, that has a full guide on how to watch live streaming sports in UK

Depending on the bookmaker you choose, it will determine exactly how that service works. For example, some may require you to bet on the game, race or sporting event in question before you watch. While others require nothing more than for you to be a member of their site. Different sites will often also offer you different sports on their streaming service. And so, one site might offer football, cricket and rugby, while others may offer basketball, baseball and hockey. With this considered it is good to be signed to a few so you can pick and choose one that works for you.

Of course, this is especially beneficial for those of you out there who enjoy a fritter on your favourite sports too. As an online bookmaker will allow you to both place bets on your favourite sport and watch it unfold in one place, making it a one-stop-shop to enjoy the full experience of the sport you want to be part of.


Since its conception, YouTube has been the chosen tool by people across the world to watch video online. As such, it has always been a great companion to sports fans who are looking to check out news, highlight reels and of course, watch their favourite sports. In this day and age, many sports streams can be found on the site directly, so as well as using YouTube to keep up to date on sports you can also watch it to watch them directly.

The nature of this streams can vary a lot though, as anyone can upload them. However, if you find a trusted sport viewing channel on the site there is no reason why you can’t watch every minute of your favourite sport directly on the platform, as well as enjoy the fall-out of the event by other YouTube video makers responding to the action.

For fans of e-sports, YouTube is an especially useful tool and many of the leading e-sports in the industry have their own channels, where you can watch every step of a tournament quickly, easily and very cheaply too.


Starting off a purely a means to stay in contact with your friends, today, Facebook has become so much more than that. As such, like YouTube and Reddit, it can be used as a means by which to monitor all the sporting action you want to by liking and following pages dedicated to your sport of choice. One of the most recent additions, which can help further this experience, even more, is the addition of Facebook Watch. Via this service, you can enjoy streaming loads of different sports and all you need to enjoy them is a Facebook account, which no doubt, you already possess.

What you need to do is log on to Facebook, navigate to the Watch section of the page and then select “Sports”.  Once you arrive here, you will be able to take your pick from the many different live streams of sports from across the world and start enjoying the sport of your choice directly on Facebook. Plus, via the live stream chat service, you can interact with other users, read what they have to say, and give your own view on the sporting as the action develops. Providing a much more engaging sporting experience.

Pay-Per-View Streaming Services

While these are all great services that you can access directly immediately and see if your sport is there, they may not cover everything you want to watch online. As such, if you cannot find what you want, but still don’t want to commit to a full package just to watch a couple of events a month or even, over the course of a year, Pay-Per-View streaming services can be the ideal option for you.

On these, you can select one-off events that are often hard to find online, for example, MMA and Boxing fight that, due to licensing, are often hard to find online. Simply pay the fee for that event and you can enjoy it for that short period of time, without having to pay monthly for the same service. Essentially making it the perfect middle ground if you are only interested in the biggest events.


Head over to one of these services to day and start enjoying low-cost online sporting services! 

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