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Unexpected Uses of Bingo Cards around the World


As Bingo cards are so versatile, they are used in many different countries around the world to do many different things with, as well as to play Bingo at Barbados Bingo. They are not always used to play games, though there are many variations of Bingo that can be played. But what else are Bingo cards used for in certain countries? 

Educational Assistance

With there having been such a great amount of research undertaken relating to the retention of information linked to Bingo playing and the decrease of Alzheimer’s symptoms in the elderly, Bingo has taken many schools around the world by storm. This is not a recent happening, as schools have been using this method to help students find a fun way of learning, remembering and recalling information. Bingo cards lend themselves well to this style of learning when relating to specific subjects or areas of subjects such as spellings, times tables, and historical fact recall. The ways in which these educational styles of Bingo games can be won can be chosen by the teacher in question, so the standard one line, two lines, or full house rules, may apply but do not necessarily need to be the only ways to win. The teacher can decide on appropriate prizes whether these are something edible, whether points can add up to total a bigger prize at the end of term or whether house points can be used as prizes. However, education professionals choose to use Bingo to enhance education or whatever setting they may be in, Bingo is a great way to make learning fun and this method of learning can be seen in place in many countries around the world, including the UK, Germany and Sweden. 

Bingo Drinking

Bingo can often be found in student bars, properties and Uni halls, as Bingo cards are a great way to play fun drinking games. There are blank Bingo cards available or you can choose to make your own if creativity is your thing. You can literally add anything you want into these Bingo squares as you create them. They can be as brutal or as humorous as you would like them to be and there is no right or wrong answer (which is the appeal for a lot of people!) You can add specific words, phrases or drinks as the Bingo tiles to your boards and whoever sees, hears and purchases any of those things has to drink a shot. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made drinking Bingo game from popular sellers such as Amazon or eBay if you are short on time, creativity or silly bar-based ideas. For some people, drinking Bingo is a great game to play for Hen Parties or Stag Do’s as it keeps the momentum up during what can sometimes be a long event and when there is a group of people who don’t necessarily know each other particularly well. This game can be a great ice breaker. 

Variations of Bingo

If there is a topic or theme that you or a friend of yours absolutely adores, then this is a great gift idea. Take animals for example. There are Bingo games specifically created to be played that are just about dogs, ocean life, bugs, and so many other breeds of animals. You can find rude Bingo games such as Boob and Butts Bingo which is great for a girl’s night in or Hen party games idea. There are Bingo games designed specifically for people of particular professions such as teachers, medical practitioners, dentists, vets, and more. Specific days of the year Bingo, like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas to name but a few. There are games of Bingo aimed at different points in life as well such as leaving school, going to university, new job, baby Bingo, marriage, retirement, holidays…even divorce Bingo if you needed a pick-me-up! You name it, there’s a Bingo game aimed at whatever you are going through in life and many of your friends will be grateful for this too. Prizes can be anything you choose and you could even make this a charity Bingo event at home, donating the proceeds to a charity close to your heart. 

Flying Bingo

If you have small children, nervous flyers, someone who needs distracting or have someone in your company who gets bored easily, have you ever played travel Bingo? There are different rounds that you can play and you can create your own versions of this depending on how you are travelling. A good example of this is flying Bingo. The first round can be played in the car on the way to the airport, with everyone except the driver having their own Bingo card to see who can spot, hear or smell all of the things that may happen before you get to the airport. Great car Bingo options are “Where are the keys?” “Some farted!” and “Setting the SatNav”. The next round can be played whilst waiting in the airport itself once you have made it through checking the luggage in and all of the other safety precaution areas. This round of airport Bingo can include “tannoy announcements”, “someone sleeping on the chairs” and “delayed sign”. The final round of this game can be played once you have boarded the plane. This can include “seatbelt lights go off”, “drink trolley” and “crying baby”, though depending on the length of your flight, you might need a few more rounds of plane Bingo to keep wriggly passengers occupied! 

Bingo Cards Uses

With so many uses of Bingo cards around the world, there is something for everyone to be able to do with them. Whether you want to occupy the kids, use them as a teaching aid, help your friends get drunk, or have them as a fun way to introduce new people to each other at a party, they have many different uses. Not only will they put a smile on any players face, but they will keep players engaged and focused on the task in hand, whilst also having fun, no matter what the prize is at the end or whether there even is a prize!

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