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Week 12 Daily Fantasy Sports Football: The 10 Best Wide Receiver Picks

best wide receivers

If you are looking for an alternative way of earning money and being passionate about football, then Daily Fantasy Sports is the best approach to do that. Now that everyone is observing strict home quarantine rules, betting using the virtual world increases in demand and should be something you can fully enjoy while sitting on your couch.

DFS football brings massive opportunities to every punter all over the world. Now that the NFL season is heading to the second round, fantasy football games are getting bigger. To wager on these betting games, you only have to come up with a solid roster and find the best fantasy category that you can enter.

One of the much-needed positions in making a successful fantasy football lineup is the wide receivers. They are the key offensive players of a football team who will catch the football from a distance. Hence, here are the Week 12 best wide receivers you can choose as you decide on playing DFS NFL.

Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers)

Last week, the Green Bay Packers jousted against the Colts but lost the game. The Colts remained tough, ending the game to a 34-31 run. However, Davante Adams had shown what a real W.R. looks like. He was able to accomplish a 5-yard touchdown, which made him earn 13.2 projected fantasy points.

D.K. Metcalf (Seattle Seahawks)

The Seahawks and Cardinals were on fire last week after D.K. Metcalf got into strife with Dre Kirkpatrick. He swung into Kirkpatrick, and tensions began to rise. Both teams finished the match, and the Seahawks won in a 28-21 game run. Metcalf managed to perform impressive catches amidst the heated quarrel. He’s now earned 13.0 projected fantasy points in the DFS WR ranking.

DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals)

Although the Cardinals lost to an intense match last week against the Seahawks, DeAndre Hopkins had accomplished 51-yard catches in five receptions. He’s earned 12.3 projected fantasy points, which led him to settle at the third rank in today’s DFS football rankings.

Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs)

The Chiefs quickly dispatched the Raiders last week in a 35-31 game run. Tyreek Hill, together with other talents in the field, have impressively shown their skills as they hustled in the last minute of the match. That said, he was able to accomplish 102 receiving yards with 11 receptions. Also, he sits at the 4th rank in DFS football ranking with 12.0 points.

Keenan Allen (Los Angeles Chargers)

Defeating the Jets last week in a 34-28 game run, Keenan Allen was a star player during this match. He’s now on the 5th rank in fantasy football W.R. ranking with 11.8 projected points. During their match-up with the Jets, Allen registered 145 receiving yards in 16 receptions. Also, he added one receiving touchdown to end the game impressively.

Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills)

The Bills are one of the top dogs this NFL season that manages to stay on top of their game. In Week 10, they lost to the Cardinals, but Diggs’s performance was way over than expected. He rolled-out 906-receiving yards with 73 receptions. Also, he averages 12.4 yards per reception and has made four receiving touchdowns. That said, his DFS projected points settle at 11.8.

Terry McLaurin (Washington Redskins)

Nailing a big blowout against the Bengals last week in a 20-9 game run, the Redskins are soaring high. Terry McLaurin had contributed excellent scores on the offense side, where he made 84-receiving yards with five receptions. Hence, he earned 11.5 projected fantasy points today.

Tyler Lockett (Seattle Seahawks)

With 11.4 fantasy points, Tyler Lockett is another rising W.R. that you can pick for this week’s fantasy football games. In the last game against the Cardinals, Lockett recorded 67-receiving yards with nine receptions. Besides that, he made one receiving touchdown, which helped them secure the victory and top seed in the NFC West.

Calvin Ridley (Atlanta Falcons)

The Falcons had gone head-to-head against the Saints last week and failed to win. Despite the tough loss, Ridley manages to perform excellently during the match. He was able to garner 90-receiving yards with five receptions. His DFS WR projected fantasy points settle at 11.3.

A.J. Brown (Tennessee Titans)

After an overtime game against the Ravens last week, the Titans managed to dispatch the most anticipated team of the season. A.J. Brown played a real W.R. as he made 62-receiving yards with four receptions. Besides that, making one receiving touchdown has helped the team emerge victoriously.


Like quarterbacks and running backs, wide receivers have to play critically inside the football field so a team can end up winning. In DFS football, this position is needed to ace other fantasy players. If you want to boost your fantasy football lineup this week, considering the top W.R.s above can indeed put you in the spotlight.

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